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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What u want, hypocritos ??

What a liar, u know, u r such a hypocrite. What is wrong with u nyway ?? Its my life. Can u just shut ur mouth ???? Saying those were bullshit things that I've ever heard from u. I know who I am. Who r u to judge me ? Am I ur 'friend' ? Dush2 ! Hey, I only listen to certain people, meaning that people that I believe, people that I love, people that I close to, people that are good enough or people with matured thinking. Not like u, a childish thinking i think..hahaha..

To be honest, ur action by saying those things were so immatured ! Do u think I care what u were saying about me ?? Okay, I do care lil bit but I feel like laughing. Seriously, dude ! U r making jokes, because u r such a HYPOCRITE...losseerrr..

What do u do to me ? Have u limit your restriction ? I DONT THINK SO !!! U r not even a good person, as far as I concern. Knowing u is the stupidest thing I've ever done. Luckily, I have real friends who r there to support me. Thanks frens :)People, this person thought that I bla bla bla.. n do it something to them !! And trying to spread the un-truth news. Hey mangkuk, u go and find another person la utk puaskn hati hanggg, Get it ? Why do these kind of people always trying to dig my mistakes ??? Pathetic. Hmmmmmmmm… 

Eh, wait a minute ! Why do I need to explain ? Who r u ? U are nothing to me. Yes, nothing !
So, why do you bother to say those things about me ? Is it because I dint **** u ??? Hey, common la.. Now, that is the problem. When u don’t **** someone, they tend to talk bad things about u. Ahhhhh….wateverrrrrrr….

p/s : I know this thing will happen. So, i will remove u from my fren list ! TQ ! Hmmmmmmm… 

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